jim loewer glass
glassblowing on the torch

I’ve tried other career paths. I studied painting, taught art in a juvenile jail, worked on a fishing boat, got a j.d., but I kept returning to glass. I love turning solid glass into a liquid and back again!

As a teacher, I try to share this passion with my students and visitors! Rather than doing the work for you, I guide you through the creation process. You will feel safe and empowered on the torch and have a great experience!

I love experimenting with new ways of adding color, shaping glass, and pushing the boundaries of size for lampworking. My background in painting is the greatest influences on my work.

As a maker, I aim to make colorful, playful work that you will want hang in your windows, decorate your house with, drink your whiskey from, and give to your mom.

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Located just south of Center City Philadelphia


Here’s a wikipedia page that describes the general process of lampworking

and one about borosilicate glass

Although I am not actually painting on glass, but rather adding hot glass color, I am interested in a painterly and loose feel. I achieve this by understanding the palette of borosilicate color and by mixing and layering colors in unique ways. I also strive for balance in my work, matching busy color schemes with simple forms or basic color schemes with complicated forms. Because of the coloration and size of my work, it is often mistaken for furnace glass which allows me to occupy a unique niche among lampworkers.